Home Gym Systems to Stay Fit

More than half of the India’s population is suffering from diseases like diabetes on account of sedentary lifestyle and dearth of physical activities, obesity, stressful jobs leading to hypertension, consumption of fast food and above all crazily idolising so-called celebrities from the Bollywood and sports arenas. In such a scenario of limited recreational facilities, the sole remedy lies in pursuing a fitness regimen on a serious note. So much so real estate developers highlight the provision for a gym in the brochures of their grandiose plans.

But the moot question remains as to how many can afford membership of a gym in the neighbourhood or at a swanky club? By and large, one doesn’t have liberty to exercise at free will here since the members have to abide by assigned timings. Meanwhile, the health conscious among the younger generation, both men and women, have become aware on the ways and means for vital fitness. And this is achieved by procuring suitable home fitness equipment of reputed make. Incidentally, many of these systems could be bought through online transactions either directly from the manufacturer or through the franchised outlet.

A leading Indian company engaged in marketing these systems, having its head office in New Delhi and branches in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata and Mumbai, has a wide range of international brands to choose from. Some of these are:

  • Life Fitness
  • Body Craft
  • Hammer Strength
  • First Degree
  • Gym-80
  • Ivanko
  • Pavi Gym
  • Fitvibe
  • Celebrate Life
  • Power Block
  • TRX
  • Tomahawk

Reportedly, the first named Life Fitness is the world’s leading brand and this company is the main distributor in the Indian sub continent. The products, they are categorised by their relevant applications like Cardio under which Treadmills, Elliptical Cross Trainers also known as X-Trainers and Life Cycle Exercise Bikes in upright and recumbent versions are available. Each one is classified in tune with the specifications. In the Strength category, Home Gym systems are offered. All these have designed consoles for modern day IT gadgets numerous other features.

When one intends to buy gym equipment, these aspects must be borne in mind. The first and foremost is the budget as to how much money has been kept aside for this. Secondly, ascertain the credibility of the company or the dealer. Although online deals have become the trends of the day, it would be ideal to visit a showroom and choose the systems personally. It is also advised to try out the various models for a first hand experience.

If it is a franchised outlet, the modes of after-sales service must be clarified and confirmed from the manufacturer. There have been instances of the seller backing out as and when occasions of trouble shooting arise on the contention for a manufacturing defect, the dealer is not responsible.

Initially, the services of a certified fitness trainer may be retained to learn novel exercises and how to perform them. On this score, informal chats with fitness trainers, dieticians and physiotherapists of established gyms would be a boon in the long run.