What is the Duty of an immigration consultant?

An immigration consultant is someone who helps individuals migrate from one country to the other country and through proper documentation and legal process to enhance the possibilities of immigration for work, study, travel or business purpose only. These consultants can either be solo professionals or firms who provide consultancy services to several individuals and organizations at one time.
The migration consultants are professionally trained to provide effective advice on the legal aspects of immigration to individuals who need help with their immigration issues. In most cases these consultants also deal with government officials and prepare their visa applications.
It is the duty of a canada immigration consultant to present all the documents required by the client to ensure that they are legally fit to sponsor their spouse, family members and their dependent relatives in the United States. These documents include but not limited to marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce decrees, and other immigration related documents.
These documents are required by the government officials and immigration agencies as well to process the visa and green card application approved by the USCIS. A good immigration consultant will always help their clients obtain all the relevant documents needed before sending them to the immigration department of the US Department of State or the foreign embassy.
There are many professional agencies who can assist you to get the necessary documents. The Canadian Immigration Law Firm is one such organization which is well reputed for its high standard services. They offer free consultation on a wide range of issues that a client may face while applying for immigration.
Most of the consultants work with a network of over 15 lawyers who are all individually registered with the Canadian Immigration Law Firm. The consultants offer all the relevant services under one roof and hence it is very easy for their clients to approach any lawyer provided by the firm and get all the assistance required for the successful immigration process.

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