An Ode to Organic Chianti Wine

I love organic Chianti wine (vino chianti biologico). I remember when my father first brought me to a vineyard for work experience, and tasting Organic wines was one of the many things that impressed me.

The smoothness of Organic wine as it goes down your throat is something you’ll never forget. It’s much different than drinking some cheap plonk from France or Spain; Organic Wines are rich with flavor, complexity, and history. Yet they’re not too expensive!

Cost Of Organic Chianti Wine

You don’t need to spend more money on spirits just because it has been distilled twice like Organic wines have (once in tanks before bottling).

A good bottle can be bought at less than $20 easily–usually closer to $14-$16 if you look for Organic Chianti Wine on sale.

I’ve been to many wine tastings, and Organic wines are always my favorite!

As I toured the Organic vineyard, they had a small kitchen where you could buy food made from Organic ingredients (think fresh bread, olives in extra virgin olive oil).

The smells were intoxicating–like heaven!

Why Is Organic Chianti Wine A Classic Choice?

Wine connoisseurs have enjoyed the rich, dark flavor of Chianti Classico for centuries.

It is a hearty and robust red that pairs well with anything from grilled meats to pizza dough.

The grapes used in production are grown organically on the slopes of Tuscany’s rolling hills.

This flavorful grape variety was bred as an improvement over other types such as Sangiovese or Merlot, which were first cultivated in France many years ago.

Today it is considered one of Italy’s great wines and most recognizable exports worldwide, often served at upscale restaurants or paired alongside perfectly cooked dishes!

So, what are you waiting for? Try Organic Chianti Wine, and you’ll know what the best wine tastes like!

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