Fire watch Services for Business

Fire watch patrol officers typically perform short foot patrols of fire prone areas within the vicinity of a residential dwelling. Fire Watch Services is the appropriate choice for fire watch services within the District, Maryland, and Virginia. Fire Watch Duties.

A designated representative should attend to emergency calls made by residents. All fire watch services within the District are expected to carry a fire safety card and a D.C. Fire Prevention Card. The cards identify the assigned fire safety guards. The representative then responds to an emergency call and enters the burning building. Upon arrival, the assigned guard identifies all residents and directs them to safety, while instructing building occupants to evacuate the building. The representative then informs occupants that the fire department has sent for the assistance and asks them to return to the location for instructions.
In Maryland and Virginia, the state Fire Marshal performs fire watch services. In the District of Columbia, the fire marshal performs all patrol vehicle duties except traffic patrol. Fire marshals are not assigned to individual fire departments. Instead, the head office staff chooses the patrol division to be the sole employer for all employees. Firewatch patrols are scheduled on a monthly basis, usually two hours long.
All D.C. residents are required to take a mandatory training course, entitled “Neighborhood Crime Watch Training: A Guide for Police Officers” which addresses fire hazards and safety and conducts a written exam on its dangers. The purpose of this course is to insure all on-site employees are aware of their responsibilities toward the community. Guards are also reminded to be on the alert at all times for suspicious or unusual behavior. Orientation consists of instruction on what to look for at suspicious situations and how to interact with residents and guests. At all times, the employee is expected to exercise caution and use caution when around children and pets.
On-site supervisors are also trained in fire watch services. Their main duty is to watch the installation and maintenance of all fire hazards, suspicious equipment, and training facilities. They are responsible for making sure there is no damage caused by any fire or smoke or for any other malfunction that might occur as a result of any emergency procedures or actions taken. This includes directing all personnel to evacuate the premises, clearing all emergency channels, and reporting any changes in the status of the fire hazards.
Throughout a building’s history, fire hazards have presented serious problems and challenges to every employee who works there. The implementation of effective fire hazard management procedures continues to be a priority for the organizations throughout the building. Fire watch services are also implemented to prevent unexpected emergencies and serious injuries from occurring. However, it is the responsibility of every employee to make sure they are aware of the fire hazards they face and take measures to avoid any emergency situation where lives are threatened.

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