Frequently asked questions about bulk image downloader

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about buik image downloader you should be aware of:
How is it possible to register a copy of BID?
The registration code has to be purchased so that you are in a position to register your copy. Once you have the registration code, you should start the bulk image downloader and click on the tab for ABOUT. You should go ahead and click the CLICK HERE to enter or be able to change your button of registration code.
Your code will be validated by the registration server and in case it is valid the bulk image downloader will be registered successfully. You have to remember that, you must have an active connection of the internet for the success of the registration. If the code is not able to get validated, you will have to check out your antivirus, firewall or other software for security which might be blocking the BID from having to connect to the internet. The BID has to be able to connect to the server to get a validate code.
Is it possible to use the BID on more than 1 PC with the registration code?
It is possible as long as you are the user. The BID is licensed for the use of an individual. It means that, you can be able to install and use it on your daily computer such as a laptop and a desktop, but you have to purchase a separate license or registration code for each person that uses the BID.
You have to note that, the registration serve will disable automatically your registration code in case it is installed on various PCs within the shortest time. Codes which have been disabled cannot be utilized to register new installations. You should make sure that you keep your registration code private and safe.

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