What are magic mushrooms and are these different from the regular mushrooms?

You might have eaten different types of mushrooms in different dishes but if you have not tried the magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms, you surely are missing a great deal. These shrooms are good to change mood and perception, these mushrooms create a positive effect on the mind of the person who consume these. If you consume these mushrooms with your regular dishes, the dish will not only become delicious but will turn to a magical dish and will give you certain benefits.

It is extremely important to learn the benefits of these shrooms before you buy magic mushrooms. These mushrooms are easily and cheaply available because these are wild and not illegal. You can even grow them at your house without the worry of cost. However, it is a great idea to buy the same in packages as this will be quite an easy way of fetching these shrooms. Magic mushrooms can cause the hallucination effect if you intake them in larger quantities and of special genus called psilocybe.

Effect of these mushrooms on people who eat:
It is a highly debatable thing that what actually is the effect of magic mushroom after consumption. Some people relate it to the LSD drugs which is wrong because it never brings that ‘high’ effect when you consume magic mushroom . All you have to care for is the quantity and they type of shroom that you are eating. It has been reported that the people who trips on these mushrooms tell that they see different colors and patterns. However, there is no significant change in the behavior.

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