Why Longboard Trucks Matter – An Informative Article on the Best Longboard Trucks

The longboard truck is an important part of your longboard. It affects the performance, stability, and manoeuvrability of your board. Therefore, if you are planning on buying a new longboard, make sure that you purchase reviews the best longboard trucks the right trucks for your needs.

In this article, we will discuss what each type of truck offered and how they differ from one another so that if you want to buy a new set of trucks in the future, this will be helpful as well!

4 types of longboard trucks:

1. Reverse Kingpin- Kingpin refers to the center point that connects the two hangers-on on either side, which also connects with what we call bushings or pivots, and then axles go into those.

2. Regular Kingpin- A regular kingpin will allow you to make it much more easily than a reverse kingpin because it has less resistance when turning left or right. In addition, there’s no pivot in front of the wheel grabbing up onto the pavement as you’re trying to maneuver around an obstacle like a car parked on street level blocking traffic.

This spring-like action makes turning really difficult! For this reason, if you want to go fast, you should get regular kingpin longboard trucks.

3. Reverse pivot truck- The other type is a reverse pivot truck with tighter turning capabilities than the first type of truck listed above because they have this spring-like action that helps give it more power when making turns.

4. Aluminum alloy trucks-For those who want something with a tight turn radius but still might need some stability at higher speeds – check out the precision cast lightweightaluminum alloy trucks. reviews the best longboard trucks if you want to know more about longboards and skating!

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